Business Consulting


Network Integration and Deployment

NetInfoshield network integration and deployment services can help you rapidly integrate and deploy affordable network solutions that meet your organization’s current requirements and can scale to meet future demands. With our policy-based network services you can safeguard your network, make valuable network connectivity more effective and enhance response times. Integrated voice, video and data network convergence can streamline your IT infrastructure to help improve customer service levels and telecommunication costs.
Our integration/ deployment services include technology assessment, project management, and design and installation services. We help you sort through the curriculum software and hardware choices available to reach a standardized computer configuration. We then manage the entire implementation project to ensure a successful rollout with minimal interruption to daily activities.

Our skilled professionals can help you avoid the necessity of designing, installing and maintaining separate networks for voice, video and data. Managing a single, integrated network can save you time, energy and money.


Network Analysis

Networks have a tendency to grow out of control. It becomes imperative to analyze the traffic on the network to determine if the network is optimized correctly. As networks become increasingly critical to organizations’ business, so does the importance of having quality information on the performance of these networks grow, particularly where users are demanding and expecting 100% network availability in order to conduct their business.

Usually the source of such information is provided by network analyzers and network management tools, which are used to help detect, isolate and resolve problems after the fact.
However, we believe that the application for network management tools should be directed at problem avoidance rather than just problem solving. We invested in a range of products and applications that can identify problems or issues even before they affect the network’s performance and availability.

NetInfoshield has the latest tools and technology to plug-in and to analyze the traffic on your network and prepare a comprehensive upgrade plan if needed. We will provide you with a comprehensive report and options to improve your LAN and WAN performance