Deployment of Data Mining SolutionsSQL Server 2016 utilizing C# .NET IDE.
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SQL Server 2018
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The important step in the data mining process is to deploy the models to a production environment.

Deployment is important because it makes the models available to users so that you can perform any of the following tasks:

Use the models to create predictions and make business decisions. For information about the tools you can use to create queries, see Data Mining Query Interfaces.

Embed data mining functionality directly into an application. You can include Analysis Management Objects (AMO) or an assembly that contains a set of objects that your application can use to create, alter, process, and delete mining structures and mining models.

Create reports that let users request predictions, view trends, or compare models.

This section provides detailed information about deployment options.
Requirements for Deployment of Data Mining Solutions
Deploying a Relational Solution
Deploying a Multidimensional Solution

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